Tea that Change Your Beauty Routine


Tea that Change Your Beauty Routine

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Did you realize that tea can give a similar delight benefits as beauty items, without the destructive synthetic compounds? Joining tea in your excellence routine gives you a scope of advantages beginning from an unmistakable appearance to shimmering hair. 

Add these 3 incredible teas to your daily practice to receive the rewards. Just put a small bunch of the component into water and carry the water to bubble. Store the blend in splash jug and use as and when you feel like. 

1) Rose Tea 

Rose tea turns out incredible for all skin types, particularly, delicate skin. It alleviates and quiets the skin, lessens redness, and goes about as an incredible lotion. It makes the skin delicate and smooth. It’s loaded up with antibacterial properties that decrease skin inflammation. Pour some rose tea on your hair, after cleanser and molding, to diminish dandruff, saturate and detangle and add shine and volume to your hair. 

2) Green Tea 

Green tea is an ideal toner for oily skin. It reduces abundance oil. Apply it twice day by day if you’ve oily skin. For typical and dry skin, apply it once consistently. If you have slick hair, rinse your hair with some green tea, after cleanser and molding to reduce scalp oil. Wash the tea out for the best outcomes. 

3) Black Tea 

Black tea is rich in caffeine & antioxidants. The caffeine lessens skin redness and puffy eyes & antioxidants reduce UV damage. 


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